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Everyday Success Tips: Small Effort = BIG Impact

Dayna Steele and I chat it up about rock star business principles and her new book, 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day. You can make small changes and reap BIG results.  Dayna has interviewed and hung out with everyone on your “FAVS”  iTunes list.  She’s learned a lot about [...]

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Publicity is Like Marketing…Only Better.

Publicity happens when someone other than you talks about you.  So, it's more credible, right off the bat.  And it is usually free, which is really neat. You can increase the odds that someone else will notice you. And you can leverage a publicity hit into more than your fair share of exposure. Dean Rotbart [...]

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Let The Games Begin…

The Hunger Game’s ravenous fans are flocking to theaters this week.  The story has been told before (1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Running Man, The Giver among many others) and the appeal is timeless.  The question – is mindless entertainment a substitute for human connection? – is worth asking. The Games are distracting.  That’s the point.  [...]

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I’m Looking For a Struggling Family Business…

This may be an opportunity for you.  This is a casting call for family-owned business owners who are in need of a turnaround.  Here’s the scoop… Family members in the business must be 18 years old or older. Your business needs a storefront…not an in-home office. No bars or restaurants.  Interested in service businesses, home [...]

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A show, a business, a life of our OWN…

Greetings! We have had a blast promoting my audition for Oprah's new network...OWN. Yeehaw! Click here to see my audition video - 3 entertaining and inspiring minutes. And, if you would like to vote, go for it! Thanks! Voting ends Saturday...and I am soooo grateful for the love and support by way of votes, hilarious [...]

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How sexy are obsolete electronic components?

Greetings! My friend, Dawn Gluskin, has a decidedly un-sexy business. She finds and sells obsolete, long lead time and hard to find electronic components. She found a need and went about filling it, in a simple, no nonsense way. 2010 marks her second year in business. She just passed the $1Million in Sales YTD mark...profitably [...]

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Cora, Sun Records and the Power of Passion

Greetings! I have always wanted to be able to say, "I've been to Graceland." Cathy, Courtney, Maureen (my bffs) and I can now say that. We listened to an audio tour of the home as we wandered through room after room of shag carpet and 70's kistch. It was interesting, yet somewhat sad and exhausting. [...]

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Brad Pitt and your small business

Greetings! I admit it. I will click on a picture of Brad Pitt if I find one on the internet. I checked in at or "news lite" as my son calls it. Brad was there. I clicked. I am the reason the paparrazi stalk him and his family. Now, I have never thrown myself [...]

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