I admit it. I will click on a picture of Brad Pitt if I find one on the internet. I checked in at or “news lite” as my son calls it. Brad was there. I clicked. I am the reason the paparrazi stalk him and his family. Now, I have never thrown myself on top of his moving car…so I have that going for me. However, I understand and react to the magnetic movie star pull.

And there are so many others that feel the same way. It creates a vortex of Brad-energy and I succumb to the the pull. I click on the picture.

Put your attention on something and you will attract it. That’s the way the universe works. Good things, bad things…focus on it and it increases in energy and reality.

Maybe part of the attraction (not to discount the handsome factor) is that Brad has a life of wealth and fame and privilege and access. What if I turned my focus from Brad…to me?

Thanks, Brad. For the reminder. Back to business.

xoxo$, Ellen

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