Perfect Life

The reality is that there is NO separation between business and the rest of your life. There’s no model business plan. Your business is about the aspect of your life, and needs to be aligned with your highest wants and purposes. You’re starting a business plan, here we go…

What you want is the key to discovering your purpose in life. Sure, you want more…or enough…or something different from what you now have. Be more specific. What exactly do you want?

Write down your Perfect Life. Take a deep breath. Let it out…and calm your mind. Then, ask yourself, “What do I want?” and listen for the very first thoughts that come to mind. Write them down without judgment. Notice your feelings as you write the words on the Perfect Life form. If it feels good, you are on the right track.

Start with when you wake up…and move through each hour of the day. Jot down thoughts, descriptions of what the Perfect Life would be like. How would you spend it? With whom? Where? Would you work? What does your company look like? How many people? How much money? How much time would you spend with your family?

Contemplate how a business fits into your Perfect Life. What does it look like, smell like, feel like? What kind of work do you do? Who are your customers? How much time would you spend in your business? What hours would you work…ideally? Write it down. Find pictures that capture how you see this business. Incorporate business elements into your Perfect Life.

Write it all down. Add the picture pages. This is your Perfect Life. Store your Perfect Life in your Bare Bones Biz Plan Binder under the Setting Sight tab. For more ideas and inspiration, check out The Bare Bones Biz Plan.