The Top Project List can help you get things done and keep you from being overwhelmed. The Top Projects are the FEW projects that you and your team will focus on NOW to help you accomplish your Goals. Once you establish your top goals, determine what actions, projects, “to do’s” will help you accomplish those goals. The items on your Master To Do List may inspire you as to what needs to be done to move you to your goals.

The next question may be, “Where do I start?”

The answer, “It really doesn’t matter!”

What should your Top Projects be? Gather input from your team. Justify each one by asking: Is this moving us toward our Goals? Is this project helping us make more sales? More profits? Is this the best use of our time and energy at this moment?

Examples: Your Top Projects could be:

  • Developing Procedures for the Salespeople.
  • Creating your Position Descriptions.
  • Revising your Budget for this year.

Would you like help putting together your Top Projects List? Ask your team members for their input. However, the final decision is yours. Put no more than ten projects on the Top Projects list. For another project to make it to the Top Projects list, one project has to get done and moved off the list.

Store a copy of your Top Projects List in the Getting it Done section of your Biz Plan Binder.