The Power of Gratitude

I love discovering someone's story. What are their interests, beliefs and their why? What are their habits and rituals? Was there a moment that changed everything and triggered a powerful, positive shift? Recently, an uber-successful businessman told me his story. He told me about being on top, crashing to the bottom, and rebuilding even better. A [...]

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Good-Enough Goals for The New Year

My favorite part of the new year is the fresh slate.  I love the opportunity to shed stuff that I don't need or want, even more than adding resolutions or things to do. My Mission and Goals haven't changed much in the last few years.  My Mission is Freedom.  Honorable, profitable business expands peace, prosperity [...]

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3 New Years Resolutions You Should NEVER Make

Oh, the lists are lining up!  Tis the season for the “Best Of” and the “Worst Of” and the requisite “Resolutions for the New Year.”  The pressure is on to make this year better, bigger, more profitable than 2012.  Perhaps the way to more…is with less.  Less pressure.  Less stress.  Less disappointment and self-flagellation.  Let’s [...]

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