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A Better Way to Pay

Egads!  How can we be halfway into October already?  The holidays will be here in about 15 minutes. And, gulp, you are looking down the barrel of the dreaded Holiday Bonus. Have you struggled with what to do to celebrate your team at year end? Well, you may muddle through it this year. [...]

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Team Work and The Organizational Chart

Remember the 1980 Olympic Champions...the USA Hockey Team? Remember when Mike Eruzioni called to his team to join him on the Gold Medal dais? Remember the University of Connecticut Huskies, the mean's and women's 2004 NCAA basketball Champions? How about their shining, smiling faces as they raised the trophies over their heads? Remember the 2004 [...]

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Organization Chart Exercise

The Building the Team section of your business plan involves creating your Organization Chart. Building your Position Descriptions and crafting Procedures...what to do and how to do it at your company. An Organization Chart is a graphic representation of the main areas of your company, arranged according to reporting relationship. In other words, the Organization [...]

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