Org Chart 130506The Building the Team section of your business plan involves creating your Organization Chart. Building your Position Descriptions and crafting Procedures…what to do and how to do it at your company.

An Organization Chart is a graphic representation of the main areas of your company, arranged according to reporting relationship. In other words, the Organization Chart lists who is responsible for what and who reports to whom. The Organization Chart represents the “seats on the bus.”

Start by reviewing the basic company divisions on the Sample Organization Chart. The divisions are indicated by the double-lined boxes. Do the divisions reflect the main areas of activity in your company? Customize as needed. Note, you can use the Bare Bones Biz language for the divisions, or substitute your own names.

Use Post It notes to identify the divisions on your Organization Chart. Put them up on the dry erase board.

On additional Post Its, list the Responsibilities for each division. Responsibilities are WHAT needs to be DONE to realize your Vision and Mission and achieve your Goals. Review the Setting Sight section of your Plan Binder.

Arrange the Post Its to show the reporting relationships. Who is dependent on whom? Who reports to whom? Now, group the Responsibilities into Positions for your company. Move the Post Its around until the Positions start to make sense to you. Name the Positions.

A Position Description lists the Responsibilities for that Position. Find the pages of Sample Position Descriptions for the See More Blinds and Window Coverings Company and use them as examples. A Position can be part time or full time.

Assign names to the Positions. Put “the right people in the right seats.” Do your best to map out an Organization Chart that represents the basic divisions of your company, and addresses the main Responsibilities of each division.

Draw your Organization Chart and write names in for the Positions. Insert a copy of your Organization Chart in the Building the Team section of your Plan Binder.