This exercise will make you aware of sabotaging, “sales-phobic” thoughts and actions in your company and help you increase your sales appreciation.

  • Recall purchases that made you happy.
  • Realize the connection between sales and world peace. Good sales are good trading practices. Good sales allow you to focus your energies on your skills and talents, and offer them to the world in exchange for money. Then, you can offer that money to others to secure their livelihood, while benefiting from their skills and talents. Good sales build solid communities and our best chance at world peace.
  • Understand that without sales you are out of business.
  • Promise never to sell anything your customers don’t need or want.
  • Accept that people want to buy from you! Review your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Now, get out there and sell. Let people know about your great business. Today, and every day this week, you and each of your employees will….

  • Deliver Ten Elevator Speeches. Find ten people, preferably strangers, and deliver your Elevator Speech. Hand out your business card, too. Watch for their reactions. Do they react positively? Do they look bored or confused? Do they laugh?
  • Review your USP and revamp your Elevator Speech until it causes people to respond with, “That sounds interesting. Tell me more.” Ask them what business they are in. Listen. Share an authentic human moment.

This exercise will expose any “sales-phobia” at your company. Discover the sales-lovers on your team. Uncover the “sales-phobics.” You are going to help them overcome their fears. Or they are going to “get off the bus.” Tomorrow we will lay out a bare bones basic system for creating a sales-focused company.

The game is SALES. It is an honorable game. Good for you for playing!