Adopting a Sales Trainer

Greetings! Oh, it feels soooo good to make a good sale, to be paid well for serving your customers in your unique way. There is so much available to help you become a great sales professional. Here are some great recommendations... Selling Trust Contractor Selling Tom Hopkins Al Levi Jeff Gitomer name just a [...]

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Do your sales meetings suck…

The Bare Bones Biz Plan is a step-by-step business plan workbook, a playbook, for making your business ROCK. In the Getting it Sold section of The Bare Bones Biz Plan, we work together to create a Sales-Friendly culture. Here's a tip for making sales FUN. Create an acronym that will help your team remember your [...]

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Overcoming Sales Phobia

This exercise will make you aware of sabotaging, “sales-phobic” thoughts and actions in your company and help you increase your sales appreciation. Recall purchases that made you happy. Realize the connection between sales and world peace. Good sales are good trading practices. Good sales allow you to focus your energies on your skills and talents, [...]

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Dealing with Customer Complaints

You are building your company with the highest intentions. You are pursuing a lofty Mission. You are working passionately and tirelessly to create a company that dazzles your customers with wonderful products and services. You are building Procedures to deliver your USP consistently. You are training your team to do the right things. Still…at some [...]

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