The Bare Bones Biz Plan is a step-by-step business plan workbook, a playbook, for making your business ROCK. In the Getting it Sold section of The Bare Bones Biz Plan, we work together to create a Sales-Friendly culture. Here’s a tip for making sales FUN.

Create an acronym that will help your team remember your Sales Process. For instance…for Action Electric Company, you could use…

  • A – address your customer in a respectful, friendly manner.
  • C – communicate – ask good questions and listen.
  • T – take the time to figure out a total solution.
  • I – involve the customer in a discussion about his or her options.
  • O – offer to get the job done today.
  • N – suggest that they pass your card along to a neighbor who might have need of your service.

Work with your team to create your acronym. Have fun with it. Lighten up! Business is just a game. Then, get ready and shout…GIVE ME AN A, GIVE ME A C…at your Sales Meeting.

Give it a go. Build a small business that grows into the business of your dream. Have you got it in you?