Tis the season for reflection. What’s working…what needs to be changed.

I love working with Mark and the Golden Rule Plumbing and HVAC team. They DO what’s needed. They THINK in positive “can do” ways. They have achieved a level of success that puts them in the top 5% in their industry. And, they have big plans to EXPAND in 2008.

Mark is a super smart guy. He is smart enough to know that he needs a kick in the pants now and then. He works with me and Al Levi of www.appleseedbusiness.com Like I said…smart guy. 🙂

When you are the owner…who is going to kick YOU in the pants? Who is going to check on your Business Plan homework? Who is going to ask you the tough questions and check on your financial position? You might need…a “pants kicker.”

I am happy to do that for you. You might want to look into The Challenge. This is a powerful program we are launching at http://ellenrohr.com/ starting in January 2008. If you are interested, just send us an email and we’ll make sure you get the details. contact@ellenrohr.com

Reflect on your business. Is it time to do something NEW? Adopt a new plan and pitch your current strategy? You are getting older and life is short. Start NOW to make 2008 your best year yet.

I hope you join me for The Challenge. I will escort you across the finish line…if you will allow yourself to SUCCEED. Details coming soon.

Happy Holidays!

xo$, Ellen