Max and Hot Rod Rohr

See these handsome fellows to the left?  No, it’s not a poster for the film Benjamin Buttons.  It’s Max and Hot Rod, my son and husband.  These two are the “green-est” guys I know.  They love to save energy.  They love the technology.  They love to tread lightly on the earth.

Me?  I like all that and I love to make money!  So, is there any green in green?  Listen in and find out!   They share…

  • Tips for going green at home and in your business.
  • How to find knowledgeable folks to hang with as you discover green opportunities.
  • Why green is the LAST reason to use energy efficient equipment and technology!

The coolest thing I got out of this Webinar?  How important it is to follow your passion.  These two spend all day every day doing what they LOVE.  How about you?  That is my mission…to help people find freedom, financial freedom, lifestyle freedom.  I am inspired by these guys.

Here are some resources they recommended if you think it’s keen to be green (and may want to make some green, too!)

And, if this conversation is causing you to consider a career change, or a biz revamp, check out…

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