ellen_buffyPerhaps my recent birthday has something to do with today’s business building message.

We are too old to waste time.  That may not “land” if you are in your twenties.  However, it seems like I was 20 years old about 15 minutes ago.

At 20, I graduated college and turned down a half dozen “real job” offers.  I became a ski bum and a windsurfing instructor and adventurously traveled the country.  At 24, I became Mrs. Hot Rod, the Plumber’s Wife.  Max, the perfect son, was born when I was 26. Hot Rod and I struggled with our family business, until we fixed it…and sold it, when I was 35.  Since then, I’ve been helping lots of people start, fix and grow their businesses. Most of them are family contracting businesses.  They reach out to me when they realize, as I am, that time is flying by. I’ve achieved so many of my goals, but I can’t even comprehend the word retirement.  So…

How about if we move faster?  Decide faster.  Drop things faster…like habits that don’t support our dreams and “beefs” with those we would rather love than fight.  Commit faster, even if we are not sure of our choices.  We can make mistakes faster and have more stories to tell.

Business planning is the term for anything that helps you…

  • clarify intention
  • commit to action
  • measure results

…and achieve your life goals.  Most of what I do lately, personally and with clients, is business planning.  I have more and bigger goals than I have ever had.  I added a few on my 54th birthday.  How about you?  Ready to step on the gas?