Business Tip: Intend, Act, Measure, Repeat. Faster!

Perhaps my recent birthday has something to do with today’s business building message. We are too old to waste time.  That may not “land” if you are in your twenties.  However, it seems like I was 20 years old about 15 minutes ago. At 20, I graduated college and turned down a half dozen “real [...]

Business Tip: Intend, Act, Measure, Repeat. Faster!2017-02-17T23:42:55+00:00

Help vs. hammer…

Greetings!When I first took the "medicine" from my mentor Frank Blau, I became "born again" in the light of business basics! I wanted to tell to read a balance sheet, how to create a real selling to make money!Not everyone wanted to hear it. I put off a lot of people.Today, at 3 [...]

Help vs. hammer…2009-09-22T06:50:00+00:00

When asked…have something to SAY…

Greetings! On Sunday night I will be GLUED to the TV. It’s Oscar night! I love the gowns and the stars and the celebration of art. Some movies qualify as art. One that makes the grade: Slumdog Millionaire. Like life, this movie is at once deeply disturbing and completely hopeful. The music is intoxicating. The [...]

When asked…have something to SAY…2016-12-01T14:55:25+00:00

The Challenge…are you willing to do what it takes… build a winning business? Really? I started running when I was 13 years old. It was just about that time that I stop growing tall and started growing...out. Running was a good way to keep my weight down. I liked how I felt when I finished my run. So, I stuck with it. I [...]

The Challenge…are you willing to do what it takes…2016-12-01T14:55:27+00:00