On Sunday night I will be GLUED to the TV. It’s Oscar night! I love the gowns and the stars and the celebration of art. Some movies qualify as art. One that makes the grade: Slumdog Millionaire. Like life, this movie is at once deeply disturbing and completely hopeful. The music is intoxicating. The story is compelling. And the actors are believable and absolutely, wonderfully and horribly human. This movie presents the paradox…life is complicated and so simple, funny and heart wrenching…all at the same time. I love the Oscars…especially when there is a movie up for awards that I am rooting for!

What I won’t be watching? The news. Turn it OFF. Quit listening to the doom and gloom. What can YOU do about the economy? You can BUILD your business. You can craft a winning Biz Plan and live it…day by day. You can make Sales and serve customers. You can make money!! THAT is a better use of your time.

And, you can kick back Sunday night and consider: There are people play acting and making gazillions of dollars. There is enough for all! You can make money doing the wonderful things that you do.

Another thing that fascinates me about the Oscars: The acceptance speeches. If you are nominated, you have a shot at winning. I think folks should be prepared. There are hundreds of millions of people watching. Why not have something meaningful to say? If you are asked…be prepared. I challenge you.

Love, peace, $$, FREEDOM,