Living the Dream comes from paying attention to that voice that tells you to…pay attention. I got a last minute invitation to join my pal, Nancy Michaels, at a David Neagle program. Check him out at I had been hearing about David from a multitude of sources. I was pretty interested in his coaching program…and then, boom, an invitation drops in my lap. Now, I could have said, “No, thanks,” for about a dozen reasons. However, I decided to go. Today, I will be in Las Vegas with Nancy, listening, learning and expanding my world. After that, dinner with my nephew Patrick and his beloved, Jenny. Then off to San Francisco for friends and family and the San Francisco Half Marathon. I am Living the Dream.
Today, my son, Max, arranged a face to face meeting with Barack Obama. Hot Rod just happened to be at his computer when an email came along with a blink-and-you-miss-it opportunity from the local Democratic Committe chairman. Hot Rod had done some work with him once upon a time and built a relationship. Max is an Obama supporter and today he is Living the Dream. After he shares his views with the Senator, he’ll join me to run in San Francisco. How good it is!!

Open yourself up to what you want and allow all good things to come to you.
xo$, Ellen

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