Once upon a time, somebody invented the wheel. He showed it to his buddy and said, “This is the greatest invention since Eve.” And his buddy hit him on the head with a club.

His buddy didn’t get it. It wasn’t obvious. Somebody was going to have to SHOW his buddy how to drive this thing. Then, the “Aha!” lights could go on!

I’m delighted to show you the simple, elegant, POWERFUL tools in my personal toolbox. I call it…The Complete Suite. It’s the best of what I have learned, and used, to grow multi-million dollar businesses.

Your business success drives me! I am here to help. I believe that people are more peaceful, prosperous and FREE when they know how to start, fix and grow their own businesses. It’s why I do what I do.

xo$, Ellen


PS This is Lucky. Dogs are great teachers. This was a lesson for me to lighten up and take the rest of the day OFF.

PPS And, while we are on the work less, accomplish more theme…check out my latest, favorite book… “Beach Money” by Jordan Adler. Thanks to Howard Partridge for the recommendation. Super simple, ultra-useable tips for building your business network. Well done!