On the last page of her monthly magazine, Oprah shares what she knows for sure. Here’s what I know for sure…

Sometimes you have to allow someone else to help you.

I just attended Nancy Michaels’ program, Generating Corporate Sponsorship – a 10 Step Proven System. Wow! Nancy is authentic and generous and shares what she knows works. I am pysched to put her well-earned lessons to work for me, too. Thanks, Nancy! You can order a recorded version of the program. Contact Misty and let her know you are ready to GROW!

I love doing what I do. I get such a kick out of your success! We are expanding peace, love and freedom across the planet…one extraordinary business at a time. Here is a love letter from one of my clients…

Hi Ellen!
I just want to formally say…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

You and Gail were absolutely fantastic!! In the two and a half days that the Bare Bones Biz Team spent at our office, you have forever touched and changed our lives! Sounds kinda corny coming from me, but I honestly mean that. I don’t know what the hell took me so long to call you. I have only been reading your articles and your website for the past 10 years! Better late than never right?

Thank you for getting us on the right path. I so look forward to keeping in touch with you, as Kristine and I build our empire! We will do it!

Please feel free to give ANYONE – who might be on the fence (like I was) regarding committing to your Financial Intensive Personal Training seminar – our phone number!
I will straighten them out in a hurry!

Thanks, Ray and Kristine! Think about what you want…and move forward in inspired action. As Joseph Campbell says, “Follow your bliss.” If it feels good, you are on the right track. So…ENJOY the journey!
Love, peace, $$$, FREEDOM!

Ellen xo$