Once upon a time, one of my mentors shared that the key to keeping your big kids close is the family vacation. Go away together. Stay off the phone. Have some fun. Make some trouble. And the stories you create bond you like Elmer’s glue. That’s great advice.

Hot Rod and Max and I explored Germany, Switzerland and Italy for 10 days. We had so much fun. And even the goofy moments – did you know gasolino means DIESEL in Italian? – make for great memories. Max took this picture as we crossed the Alps from Suisse to Italia.

Max took this picture from the path to Monterosa in Cinque Terre, Italia. This magical place represents the peaceful collaboration of gardeners, farmers and tightly spaced city dwellers…many from families who have lived in this area for hundreds and hundreds of years. I was reminded over and over of the power of peaceful free trade…honorable exchange of goods and services.

Money isn’t everything. However, money buys options. Use your extraordinary business to create money, options and memories. Especially now, as many cower in fear of economic downturns, stay focused on what you want. You can create FREEDOM…financial freedom and the confidence to make your dreams reality.

A plan helps. Check out The Bare Bones Biz Plan. Consider your intention, your focused action and the power of the universe. You can have what you really want when you know what you want.

I know like I know like I know (to borrow Oprah’s expression) that you can create the life you want. My mission is to help you find the freedom of a life – and a business – lived with passion and intention. Your business is a playground for making that happen.

Love, peace, $$, FREEDOM,