Challenge yourself to think new thoughts and act in new ways. Challenge yourself to allow all good things to come to you.

Recently, someone asked me how I stay so positive and optimistic. I responded, “Discipline!” I intend it and make choices that help manifest a sunny! disposition. Some folks think I am “Pollyanna” however…I enjoy being me! And life keeps getting better and better.

I am discovering that clarity of intention (“What do I really want to be, do and have?”) leads to more focused, inspired action. More fun, more success.

That’s what The Challenge is all about. And I am delighted about our new (and returning!) Challengers. Monday was our first call…and we kicked off Week One with the Perfect Life exercise. I asked one of our Challengers, “What would you really really really really like for your salary?” It took him 5 minutes to come up with a number. Now that he has…it is on its way. That’s how it works. As Mark Victor Hansen says, “Think it…and ink it.” You set the gears in motion for your getting your goals!

Dear Challengers…I applaud you for taking the leap of faith. For trusting that you can create the business…and life…of your dreams.

We’ll keep you posted of our successes!

“Neither one of us really thought we would sell many books at this tiny little conference, but hundreds of books later! We are thrilled! We had a $12,000 Sales day! Thanks for all the inspiration, help, support, enthusiasm and genuine interest in our success.”

Trish Saccomano and Kathy Bringhurst, KT Educational Enterprises

Love, peace, $$, FREEDOM!