In Gran Torino, ne plus ultra tough guy Clint Eastwood mentors a slump-shouldered teenager on what it means to be a man. He shows him about how men talk to each other. Have you seen the movie? I won’t spoil it. I will share that his advice is…NOT politically sensitive. It is, however, what Clint’s character Walt has to share. It is what has worked for him to mixed success.
That’s how it goes with mentors. Tom Pace says, “Mentoring relationships are voluntary.” You choose to share advice as a mentor, from your authentic experience. As a mentee, you choose to take it or dismiss it. You can choose to act on it…or, sometimes, your mentor demonstrates behaviors that encourage you to do just the opposite.
It’s good to have a few mentors…because they may be just brilliant at different areas of life. I wouldn’t consult Larry King about marriage advice. However, he would be the go-to guy for “How do I build a powerful network?” Allow your mentors to be imperfect.
Here’s what I know…how to craft an inspired Business Plan and put it into action. How to start, fix and grow your business. And, the best of what I know is in The Complete Suite.
Do not ask me, “How do you cook a delicious meal of any kind?”
xo$, Ellen