Mio figlio took this picture…look closely and see me, my sisters Tae and Lynn between the shrubs, part of the garden. Max lives in Italy now…has made big steps in speaking the langue and living like a local. He showed us around and made us so proud. Again.

The Italians have a lot to teach us about living. Slow down and enjoy. I read that the national religion is “Il dolce far niente.” The sweetness of doing nothing. My favorite meal was at La Capuccina, served by Gianluca…a master of the slow food movement. Hours of laughter and amazing food.

The paradox hits me again…plan, and be flexible. Set goals, and be delighted with the current moment. The moment matters.

xo$, Ellen

PS Five years ago, Gianluca pitched a corporate career and started his agriturismo venture with his wife and three daughters. To follow your dreams and make money doing it…nice!