OK, we are trying to use this Blog, Facebook, twitter, Linked In stuff to some kind of helpful outcome. We are trying to reach out and communicate in a worthwhile way. Alas. So much of this is just…crap.
What to do? What not to do? Jeff Newelt knows. This guy connects people. He conveys thoughtful, useful, inspiring, passion-stirring information. He knows the tools and the “rules” and he is my guest tomorrow on our free, interactive, live Teleseminar.
Join us! Tuesday, July 21st, at 3 pm central time. Click here…
Jeff – aka JahFurry – wears many furry hats. He is a social media / PR consultant for prominent authors, musicians, graphic novelists, non-profits and new media stars, including Doug Rushkoff, Count Me In, Harvey Pekar (American Splendor), DKNY Jeans, DJ Spooky, etc. He is also the Comics Editor of both SMITH & HEEB magazines, as well as “Minister of Hype” for online comics collective ACT-I-VATE, And he just oooozes cool.
Be there! Let’s figure this out.
Love, peace, $$, freedom!
xo$, Ellen