No matter who gets elected president, Joe the Plumber’s success as a business owner has NOTHING to do with the proposed tax plans. Either way…McCain or Obama…Joe has some basic misunderstandings about business that are going to challenge him, probably sink him, unless he gets them cleared up.

So, I am offering my e-book, “Where Did the Money Go?” – accounting basics for the business owner who hates numbers – FREE to Joe…and FREE to anyone else who would like a copy. Just click here.

Business is not about avoiding taxes. Business is about clarifying your intention…and moving in the direction of your goals. Business is about growing assets. It’s about charging more than it costs. It’s about KNOWING your costs – including taxes – and making sure your selling price reflects those costs. It’s about keeping score and making better, faster, more profitable decisions based on sound data. It’s about not spending what you don’t have. It’s about paying back what you borrow. It’s about delivering on your promises, and doing what you do so well that your customers will pay what you ask. It’s about discovering why you do what you do and how well you communicate that. It’s about joyful service. It’s about love. It’s about peaceful, prosperous, free trade. It’s about just enough regulation to keep people honest.

And, it’s about paying taxes. Yep, we already have a tax system in this company, and it’s set up that those who make more, pay more (unless you are really really really rich.) However, paying taxes isn’t inherently wrong.

I don’t think Joe gets this. He’s not alone. Most small businesses suck…the money and life right out of the owners. Why? Because the owners don’t know the basics. Don’t have a clue. If Joe pulled off buying that company, he may well drive it right down the drain. Because Joe doesn’t know his assets from his elbow. That’s no disgrace. He can learn what he needs to know. And, I would be honored to help Joe become a successful businessperson.

I am a Plumber’s wife. Once upon a time, I almost sunk the family business because I didn’t know where the money was going or how to make more of it. Keep in mind I graduated at the top of my class with a bachelors in Business Administration. I dug a deep ditch of debt and was sure that the problem was…the economy, our employees, my husband, our customers, etc. The problem was…ME. I was fortunate enough to find a mentor (thanks, Frank!) who encouraged me (used a brick!) to confront my ignorance. He taught me how to make money. He taught me the basics, and the basics work…from Main Street to Wall Street.

That’s why I do what I do. I love helping people achieve freedom…financial freedom, freedom to live life as they choose to…by helping them start, fix and grow extraordinary businesses. I fell in a few holes, holes I would love to help Joe the Plumber steer clear of. I wrote a book, “Where Did the Money Go?” – accounting basics for the business owner who hates numbers. It’s a beginner’s book on business basics. I wrote this book because once I learned to keep score, I started to make more money. I became a better financial steward…of our Plumbing business and the family fortune. I am committed to sharing this liberating information. Business isn’t hard…and it can be so much fun! It’s just that we need some basic business education. I am here to help!

I am making my e-book, “Where Did the Money Go?” available to everyone who wants a copy at NO charge until November 5th, 2008. Just click here, fill out your name and email address. I’ll email you a FREE download link to the book. Save it or print it. And feel free to pass it along to someone else. Or send them to this blog …or this link…

I believe everyone is better off knowing and applying business basics. Pass a copy along to your neighbors, friends, kids, congressional representatives and presidential candidates.

Joe, this book is for you! And the rest of us, too. I offer it in love, peace, $$ and freedom.

xoxo$$, Ellen