While there is plenty of room on this pet bed, I had never seen either Garfield the Cat or Lucky Dog share it before. There was always some territorial hissing and growling until somebody gave it up. So, perhaps it was that the shop was cold, or the hour was late…whatever, both of them decided to try a new approach. It looks warmer than one of them on the shop floor.

What will it take for you to try a new approach? Perhaps a belief that it may be worth trying? I talked to a fellow yesterday (not for long) who told me reason after reason why he was unsuccessful.

“Duly noted!” I replied. “Now what?”

“That’s why I am calling you. If I don’t start bringing home some money, I am going to lose this business and my wife will probably leave me,” he challenged.

“Got it! I have lots of ideas. How about this one… spend 15 minutes every day thinking about what you really want. Not about what you don’t want.”

“I don’t have time for that. And I don’t see how that would work. What else have you got. ”

Hmmmm. One of us is going to be out of this conversation. He did make a reach, and I like to help. However, if you keep doing what you’re doing what you’ve got it what you’ll get. It takes a new set of beliefs, a new way of thinking and inspired, aligned action to get different results. And, it’s warmer on the bed than on the cold floor by yourself.