Recently, Michelle (our Director of Marketing) and I went to New York City to attend a seminar. We wanted to learn new, relevant ways to expand our message of “Freedom through profitable businesses of our own.” That we did…and we met some super interesting people, too. One of my new best friends is Jennifer Gresham. Jen ended her “real” job working for the US Military and started business as a professional blogger. Yep, there is money in them thar hills. Jen just secured a major contract teaching business professionals how to communicate successfully through blogging. Her new customer? Her old employee…the US Military.

The least secure position is a job. You can lose a job. A business of your own may help you expand your financial freedom, your lifestyle freedom. And, you could start a business while you have a job. You might even get your boss to bankroll it.

Jen and I discussed that and lots more on our Webinar last night. Listen in!