Lessons learned! Makeover?  Yes, please.  We are well into 2014 already!  The Business Makeover 2014 Summit was intended to help you (and me!) make this a seminal year.  A year in which we can breakthrough and breakout and makeover our lives and businesses.

Hurray…off to a great start.  As Business Makeover 2014 wraps up, here’s what I’ve learned.  (Maybe you could share what you’ve discovered, too, in the comments below?  Thanks!)

  • It’s good to put ourselves out there.  Life is about the adventure.  This event was a big reach for me and the Bare Bones Biz team. I am super proud of us for saying YES!  I learned so much about relationships and technology and business.  So worth it!  (It helps to have coaching!  Special thanks to Orna and Matthew Walters. xo)
  • We really don’t need one more tip.  Boy, this one hit me like a ton of bricks.  We know what to do.  We have too much to do.  Intention trumps action.  Get clear on what we want and engage just a few actions that will move us towards that.  Triage! Be OK with not getting everything done. Be OK with trying something new that may or may not work.  And, there is really no one piece that if we just had it…
  • Spend time with people who have good energy.   The Experts deeply impacted my philosophy and outlook.  Jim Rohn says that you are most affected by the five people you hang out.  The last two months we have been steeped in our 25 Experts’ love, generosity, humor and advice.  Energy is contagious and I am renewing my commitment to talk with, and listen to, those who have a big, positive purpose.  Thanks to all!
  • Hire slow, then COMMIT.  If we are going to grow, we have to accept people.  Yes, we can/should fire someone who doesn’t show up clean, sober, on time, dressed right and is willing to follow procedures.  However, not every mishap is a fireable event.  Find ways to help people win that fit with who they are.  Let’s do extraordinary work together, with our warts and all.
  • Be grateful and happy NOW.  There is no there where we will reach happiness.  We can choose it.  Right now.   When I listened to some of the Experts’ personal challenges, it was clear that ‘success’ is a choice we make every day.  No need to worry and fret.  Plan it.  Then, do it and deal with it.  The stress and worry and whining are all optional and do not help one bit.  Consider what is working in our lives and celebrate it.  Thank you, Team BBB!  Thanks to the Experts.  Uber thanks to YOU, for listening in and sharing wins and critiques!!

Most painful lesson?  While I am proud of the interviews, it was hard to listen to myself!  I learned a lot about what I can do better as an interviewer (less interruptions!) And the technical glitches were frustrating (sorry to those who just could NOT link up!) Still, I am proud of us for taking a swing. Love love love to Michelle, Jon, Shauna, Gail! Couldn’t have done it without you!

And may you, too, honor yourself for suiting up and playing the business game. Energy is required.  Persistence is a plus.  Humor helps!  Here’s to achieving goals and having fun in 2014!!  Thank you for participating in Business Makeover 2014!

BONUS: We are running a few of our most popular expert interviews from Business Makeover 2014!.  You can still listen for FREE at www.BusinessMakeover2014.com.

Comments?  Reflections?  Breakthroughs?  Add ’em below in the comments section!