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You Can UN-Do Your Business…and Do Something Else

Years ago, when I first started with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, John Nicholson asked if he could become a franchisee. I said, "No!  You only do new construction work.  This is a conversion service franchise.  That means, you need to do service work with at least two truck to be eligible." Two months later he called me, "Ellen, [...]

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The UN-Constipated Business

A friend and client of mine reminded me about this video.  I recorded it a few (many?) years ago and my friend, Jack, told me he watches this video several times a week.  A WEEK?  Wow.  I'm honored to have made that kind of impression on him.  It's called "How To Make Running Your Business [...]

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  • Is Your Business Killing You?

Is Your Business Killing You?

I got into the family plumbing business when my husband's partner died.  My husband, Hotrod, and his best friend, Richard Yox, started the company together.  They had been friends since they were 8 and 9 years old.  While Hotrod is a laid back guy, Yox could get wound up.  His health, while not great to [...]

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Is Your Business Planted in Abundance or Poverty?

Consider that only one watermelon seed is required to propagate the watermelon family. However because stuff happens, I planted 6 watermelon seeds. Two seeds produced plants strong enough to bear fruit. And each of the dozen watermelons is full of hundreds of seeds because even God knows that stuff happens. The universe is designed with [...]

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Wells Fargo Works for your business! (Enter the Contest)

What I know for sure?  That my purpose in life is to help people find freedom – financial freedom, lifestyle freedom – in a business of their own.  So, I said YES when Wells Fargo (@WellsFargo) asked me to participate in the Wells Fargo Works Project, to help James and Deundra Hundun of U.A. Academy.  Together, [...]

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Do You Need a Lifeline?

I love April, John and the Watermark Plumbing Team!  I especially love April’s and John’s four daughters.  They are smart and hilarious and their parents totally appreciate them.  (Become April’s FB friend and you’ll see what I mean.)  I appreciate what it takes to manage 4 young girls, and [...]

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