How to Get Five Star Reviews

My family likes to vacation on the South Jersey shore.  I used to call a realtor to help me find a house.  Now, I go to and search for a big house for our large, noisy family.  I found what seemed like a perfect spot.  Until... I saw that they had NO reviews.   [...]

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Once a Marine, Always a Marine

My son, Max, is a pretty savvy businessman.  He knows what it takes to be successful:  A dream, powerful intention and a solid, yet flexible, plan.  Max has embraced the opportunity to work for a terrific company in Colorado.  (Shout out to Shamrock Sales, Inc.!)  And he is happy to report in on a good [...]

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Weekend Love and Business Planning

Jack Boykin and his wife, Muffin…short for Love Muffin, own an electrical service company, The Sign Doctor. Not long ago, I suggested that the two of them take a weekend and put together a business plan. Family businesses can get a lttle kooky, and a focused plan can help. Jack reported in on the planning [...]

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Old Fashioned New Media

Once upon a time, the best marketing you could get was one customer chatting with a friend or a colleague over a cup of coffee. It’s called “word of mouth” marketing. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the origin of the term… George Silverman, a mathematician and statistician, pioneered word-of-mouth marketing when he created [...]

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“I’m just getting started. How do I market with NO money?”

Recently I received an email from “Nelly” about his soon-to-be-open business. He had already put together his Bare Bones Biz Plan but wondered about his next step… “How do I get customers?” Dear Ellen, I’ve got my business plan (Thanks for the help!) I’m getting ready to open for business on August 1st. How do [...]

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When the tide turns…

Greetings! I just put a training schedule for a half marathon on my calendar. It helps me actually GO running instead of talk about running when I am training for an event. I know this for sure: There comes a point in the training where it gets easier. If I have been slacking off, the [...]

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