What’s Your PLAN?

So much of the recent political conventions focused on, and questioned, each party’s plan for the next four years.  It can be frustrating to sort through the hype.  In the end you will make a decision and vote.  Together, we make decisions about our government.   That’s at the heart of what I love about our [...]

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The Biz Plan Challenge Informational Webinar

In this webinar, I explain my upcoming program, The Biz Plan Challenge.  I answer questions that may help you determine if The Biz Plan Challenge is a good fit for you! What's The Biz Plan Challenge About? Get a clear idea of what you want and why you are in business. Figure out [...]

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How to Create a Profitable Business Plan

Pull out your business plan and take a look at your mission, your vision and your goals for this year. How’s it going? What? No plan? No problem. Just consider how last year went and that’s what will probably happen this year. Only a little worse. Or maybe a little better. This year is moving [...]

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Why Go Green?

See these handsome fellows to the left?  No, it’s not a poster for the film Benjamin Buttons.  It’s Max and Hot Rod, my son and husband.  These two are the “green-est” guys I know.  They love to save energy.  They love the technology.  They love to tread lightly on the [...]

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Business Planning at Davis Correctional…

I love our students at Davis Correctional! No one complains or gripes in this class. (That's not something I can say about many of my students!) These fellows want a better life...starting now. Their energy is inspiring. Their questions and discussions are focused on solutions. Even though they are in prison, they are free to [...]

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Do people love their dogs too much?

Greetings!Meet the Rohr dogs...Pepper, Rocket and Lucky. Do people love their dogs too much? I visited my bffs Lisa and Lisa last weekend. They love their dogs a LOT. We went to a lovely pet accessories store. Did you know that you can spend over $1,000 on a custom-fit, tempur-pedic dog bed? Lisa and Lisa [...]

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Challenge yourself….

Greetings!Challenge yourself to think new thoughts and act in new ways. Challenge yourself to allow all good things to come to you.Recently, someone asked me how I stay so positive and optimistic. I responded, "Discipline!" I intend it and make choices that help manifest a sunny! disposition. Some folks think I am "Pollyanna" however...I enjoy [...]

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Friends for 36 years…

Greetings!Look how cute we are! Courtney, Maureen, Cathy and I have been friends since freshman year in high school. I am so pleased that we have maintained our friendship. We love hanging out and make each other laugh. Courtney lives in Utah, Maureen in North Carolina, Cathy in Wisconsin...and I live in Missourah. Our next [...]

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One and done…how much TRY will you buy?

I LOVE the NCAA tournament. It's one and done. You win or go home. At General Electric, Inc. Jack Welch told his team that they would be #1 or #2 in every market they entered...or they would go home. And he gave them a limited time to do it. One or two quarters sometimes. He [...]

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When asked…have something to SAY…

Greetings! On Sunday night I will be GLUED to the TV. It’s Oscar night! I love the gowns and the stars and the celebration of art. Some movies qualify as art. One that makes the grade: Slumdog Millionaire. Like life, this movie is at once deeply disturbing and completely hopeful. The music is intoxicating. The [...]

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