• Stop Lying About The Money

Are You Lying About The Money?

Happy Holidays! For many, this time of year is a mixed bag of emotions.  Yes, it's wonderful to spend quality time with friends and family.  Yet, there is a lot of pressure, too.  Making sure the gifts and the food and the decorations are just right.  Trying to uphold traditions, even those [...]

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  • Where did the money go special

Where Did the Money Go?

Years ago, as The Plumber's Wife, I jumped into the family business.  I figured that my husband, Hotrod, would turn wrenches, I would answer the phone and pay bills, and we would get rich.  Easy peasy, right? Wrong. We dug a deep hole of debt and struggled to make payroll.  Of course, [...]

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5 Ways To Audit Proof Your Business

Imagine…you discover the certified letter in your mailbox from the IRS, announcing you have been selected for an audit.  No worries!  Once upon a time, I made a “Slinky-knot” mess out of my QuickBooks™ file.  Fear of an audit – and a growing pile of unpaid bills – encouraged me to get it sorted out.  [...]

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Once a Marine, Always a Marine

My son, Max, is a pretty savvy businessman.  He knows what it takes to be successful:  A dream, powerful intention and a solid, yet flexible, plan.  Max has embraced the opportunity to work for a terrific company in Colorado.  (Shout out to Shamrock Sales, Inc.!)  And he is happy to report in on a good [...]

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New thoughts, new choices…more money.

Greetings! While there is plenty of room on this pet bed, I had never seen either Garfield the Cat or Lucky Dog share it before. There was always some territorial hissing and growling until somebody gave it up. So, perhaps it was that the shop was cold, or the hour was late...whatever, both of them [...]

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AA rules: Take what you need…

Greetings!In Gran Torino, ne plus ultra tough guy Clint Eastwood mentors a slump-shouldered teenager on what it means to be a man. He shows him about how men talk to each other. Have you seen the movie? I won't spoil it. I will share that his advice is...NOT politically sensitive. It is, however, what Clint's [...]

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Mountain Climbing 101…

Greetings! Chimney Sweep and Bare Bones Biz Challenger Bob Ferrari is all about setting goals and making things happen. Might as well be successful in your business...because it's there. This is an impressive achievement. Bob had to be in the here-and-now to make this summit. He had to overcome fear, or at least quiet the [...]

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To you and Joe the Plumber…from a Plumber’s wife…

Greetings!No matter who gets elected president, Joe the Plumber's success as a business owner has NOTHING to do with the proposed tax plans. Either way...McCain or Obama...Joe has some basic misunderstandings about business that are going to challenge him, probably sink him, unless he gets them cleared up.So, I am offering my e-book, "Where Did [...]

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