The Worst Career Advice Ever

Recently, Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs Dude, was a guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time.  He was talking about his latest adventure, Profoundly Disconnected, a program to help connect those looking for great careers with real, albeit sometimes dirty, jobs.  I was on the edge of my couch! I love dirty jobs!  I cheered [...]

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Have Your Boss Bankroll Your Business

Recently, Michelle (our Director of Marketing) and I went to New York City to attend a seminar. We wanted to learn new, relevant ways to expand our message of “Freedom through profitable businesses of our own.” That we did…and we met some super interesting people, too. One of my new best friends is Jennifer Gresham. [...]

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Tracking Contractor Jobs

Contractors are notorious for shortchanging themselves. They often don’t charge enough per hour. Or, put enough hours in the Job. How about you? Do you know if your prices are right? Do you know if you are properly bidding your Jobs? The bottom line is the bottom line. Hurray for you…if you are making all [...]

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The Sweet Spot Job

My husband Hot Rod and I were in business together a long time ago. Like many other contractors, we were seduced by the “BIG Job.” A “BIG Job” is one that… Has lots of dollars in the bid. Has lots of hours built in – to keep the team busy for a long time. Once [...]

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