Team Rohr at the AHR Show!

If you were to throw your mother a birthday party, you would put a little plan together.  Set a date, book a venue, create a guest list, etc.  Yet, so often, we show up for work, in a business of our own, and wing it.  Without some kind of plan, the party, and the business, just [...]

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3 Surprising Things That TOP Entrepreneurs Do Differently

I get all fired up reading about cool, inspiring people who live interesting lives and create profitable businesses.  We hear a lot about their hard work.  But I'm not buying it.  Here's what I've noticed they do instead... 1. They don’t work that hard. Super successful entrepreneurs work less hard than they used to - and than we do! [...]

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A Business Plan Shortcut?

Dear Ellen, My friend has a business plan that "passed muster" with her bank and she got a loan.  How about if I just take her plan and customize it for my business?  Sounds like a good short cut.  What do you think? Sincerely, Vera Dear Vera, I like and don't like that idea.  While [...]

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Do You Need a Lifeline?

I love April, John and the Watermark Plumbing Team!  I especially love April’s and John’s four daughters.  They are smart and hilarious and their parents totally appreciate them.  (Become April’s FB friend and you’ll see what I mean.)  I appreciate what it takes to manage 4 young girls, and [...]

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The ‘S’ Word

“We aren’t using the ‘S’ word at our company anymore,” my friend announced, in response to my “How’s biz?” greeting. “Really? Why not?” I asked. “My service plumbers are offended by the ‘S’ word. I wouldn’t use the ‘S’ word even if I stepped right in it.” “How do you pull that off?” I pressed. [...]

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How to Build a Business Plan

Most small businesses SUCK. How about yours? Maybe you started your business with hope in your heart, dreams of freedom and wealth and a commitment to do right by your customers. And maybe your dreams have faded under the weight of too much to do in too little time for too little money. There are [...]

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100+ Ways to Get the Phone to RING NOW!

It’s 8:15 am.  Your experienced, professional, sales oriented, customer service focused, technically masterful sales team is still at the shop.  Ready to go...with nowhere to go.  Maybe that sales team consists of just lil’ ol’ you.  All dressed up and no where to go. Sigh.  Now what? It’s up to you.  Put on your Marketing [...]

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