Making Sure

The Making Sure section of the Biz Planning process is all about Making Sure that…

  • You are on the right path
  • You are moving towards your Vision and fulfilling your Mission
  • Your customers are well served by your products and services
  • Your customers are treated well by you and your employees
  • Your employees are well treated by you
  • Everyone is better off, and no one is worse off.

You are building a rockin’ business, one that serves your life. Let’s use these exercises to acertain you are on a good path: Disaster recover procedure, Ride Along and Mystery Shopping tips, Super Thinking…and a terrific Maintenance Plan for making sure your Biz Plan gets implemented and updated. It’s easy peasy to make your ideal business your reality.

How to stay on track, and get back on track. That’s what you’ll discover in the Making Sure section of the The Bare Bones Biz Plan.

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