I am Jeffrey Gitomer’s #1 fan. Do you have his Little Red Book of Selling? If not…as Jeffrey would say…you probably SUCK at Sales. He is blunt, funny and spot-on with his Sales advice.

I had the priviledge to introduce Jeffrey at his Springfield, Missouri program on Friday. You can see how star struck I am in this photo! And check out two of our AWESOME team members…Shauna Wiertzema, the Diva of Getting it Done and Michelle Teter, the Princess of Publicity. We were inspired by Jeffrey’s team. They all have cool titles…like Jason, the Sales Rockstar. My title is the Queen of Everything. Why not?

You know, you are well served to take your team to a fabulous seminar now and then. Pick a speaker who speaks to your soul, who seems to understand your small business…and can help you grow grow grow it! Jeffrey is the Right Stuff. We had a BLAST and are busy helping our customers BUY more of the great products and services we offer. Ready to make more money? Great…let us help you.

Thanks, Jeffrey, Emily, Jessica and Jason! We buy Gitomer…and love you for it!

xox$, Ellen