I had a PHENOMENAL time with Howard Partridge and his winning business associates…the Inner Circle and The Knights of the Round Table. These guys are cleaning professionals. Even better…they are building extraordinary businesses. I shared ideas from The Bare Bones Biz Plan. They taught me about the Cleaning industry…and I am LOVING it. There is money, as well as honor, purpose and love to be shared and expanded. We had FUN and I left inspired…to expand Worldwide Business Literacy.

We found some CRAZY people in the audience. Take a look at the video! The point is…the whiter your collar the less obvious your skills. A Cleaning Pro gets the stain out – or not – and we can see his or her expertise. Psychiatrists on the other hand. Well, don’t get me started…

Love, peace and LOTS of $$$ to you!

xo$, Ellen