Today, Al Levi, Gail Gudell (my sis and controller) and I met for our sixth annual AGE (Al, Gail, El) retreat. We explore our Biz Plans…and we come away with fabulous ideas for making our wildest dreams come true. We break for great food and yoga class. Oh, and we do this at Al and Natalie Levi’s lovely home in Phoenix, AZ. Nice!

Annie is their “grand dog.” Cute! And the sweetest thing. She’s shy, so it takes a gentle approach and just the right coaxing to get her to sit on your lap. Today she reminded me that you don’t have to work hard. Just relax and be attractive.

THAT is what is new and improved about my Biz Plan. As Abraham says, “Try less and trust more.”

Now is the best time ever for building your business. What other time is there? 🙂

xo$, Ellen