One of the inmates at Davis Correctional Facility in Holdenville gave me a copy of this book. I read it in a couple of hours. I loved it! It’s an easy, inspiring read and it nicely describes what it takes to be mentored and mentor others.

I took up the author’s challenge to write down my dreams at Here are a few items on my list…

  • Create Golden Handcuffs program with Randy Mackenzie
  • Help Randy become CNN Hero – nominated 3.2009
  • Give $1000 Mentor prize to Davis Correctional class
  • Create library and computer lab for Davis Correctional facility
  • Build Right At Home Remodeling to $20 mill by 2015
  • Sell 1 million copies of The Bare Bones Biz Plan
  • Help the Make Mine a Million crew sign up 1,000,000 racers
  • Be on Oprah’s show with our Golden Handcuffs team
  • Run half marathon in 2009
  • Help create successful TV mega biz makeover reality show

Today, I’ll act as if this is all on its way…

xo$, Ellen

PS…Tom Pace gives away $1000 per month to one of the entered Dream Lists. Plus $1000 worth of books. Go for it!

PPS…You can use this list in the Goals section of your Biz Plan Binder. Nice and easy business plan building!