AA rules: Take what you need…

Greetings!In Gran Torino, ne plus ultra tough guy Clint Eastwood mentors a slump-shouldered teenager on what it means to be a man. He shows him about how men talk to each other. Have you seen the movie? I won't spoil it. I will share that his advice is...NOT politically sensitive. It is, however, what Clint's [...]

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Challenge yourself….

Greetings!Challenge yourself to think new thoughts and act in new ways. Challenge yourself to allow all good things to come to you.Recently, someone asked me how I stay so positive and optimistic. I responded, "Discipline!" I intend it and make choices that help manifest a sunny! disposition. Some folks think I am "Pollyanna" however...I enjoy [...]

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Friends for 36 years…

Greetings!Look how cute we are! Courtney, Maureen, Cathy and I have been friends since freshman year in high school. I am so pleased that we have maintained our friendship. We love hanging out and make each other laugh. Courtney lives in Utah, Maureen in North Carolina, Cathy in Wisconsin...and I live in Missourah. Our next [...]

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While others shrink…it’s time to go go grow!

Greetings!Come on. Put your big pants on. Step into some high heels. Quit quivering and GROW your company. The money is there and the time is NOW.Of course. I want you to keep score (KFP is the place to be!) and make good financial decisions. This is all about your CHOICE to expand. Craft your [...]

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Barack and Roll! NOW is the time to go go GROW…

Greetings!Wow...what a thrill to cast my ballot in this year's election. How COOL it is that we can peacefully choose. And CONGRATULATIONS, President Elect Barack Obama! And, you get it, don't you, that it just doesn't make any difference who is in the White House when it comes to your personal and business success? You