Happy new year! January is the time when thoughts turn to…

…championship football…

…and a fresh start in business and in life!

“You can’t expect to win unless you know why you lose.”
~ Benjamin Lipson

What about you and the game you are playing? How is your team doing? Is your small business winning? Are you living the dream that caused you to chuck your job and hang up your shingle? What’s your business plan doing for you?

Why not try mine?

I can help. I can show you how to put a winning Biz Plan in place and USE that plan to move you in the direction of your dream business. Success is easier than you may think. You might need to let go of the lead for a moment and let someone help you. I am here to help.

I challenge you to make 2008 your best year yet. Take The Challenge. Join me for 6 weeks. I will help you and your business get in shape…financially and operationally.

What have you got to lose? Consider what you might gain…

Love, peace, $$,

Ellen xoxo$$