That’s moi, staring adoringly at Michael Gerber. (Have you read his book, The E Myth? If not, click on and order it. Read it. And, change your life.)

My pal, Howard Partridge, invited Michael to his Knights Mastery Program and I had the pleasure of listening to Michael talk about dreaming and creating an extraordinary life. I love that word…extraordinary.

The first time I saw Michael speak, I was blinded by the aura of energy that filled the room. He was so incredibly extraordinary, it hurt my eyes.

A few years later, I had the opportunity to help build Benjamin Franklin, the Punctual Plumber…a franchise organization. As I assembled my business plan and created Ben’s Big Book, our operations manual, I listened to Michael’s books on CD non-stop. We grew to 47 franchises in under 2 years. We created a special bond of love, hope and commitment to excellence. Extraordinary.

Since then, I have been building my own richly rewarding company and helping others do the same. I’ve learned that whatever I really, really want is on its way to me…unless I muck it up by thinking of a 100 ways that it could get waylaid. I am doing less of that these days. And I am allowing myself to receive my dreams. What a rush.

Ready to notch up what you can be, do and have? Join me for The Challenge. The starting line is February 4th, 2008 at 3 pm central time. All you have to do is play…and dream.

Thanks, Howard. Thanks, Michael.

xo$, Ellen