Greetings, Challengers,

Nice work, Stacy! These statements…the Vision, the Mission…are intended to inspire YOU. There are many definitions of these two words, Vision and Mission, in the business world. The way I define them in The Bare Bones Biz Plan…Mission is the WHY, and the Vision is the overarching GOAL. Stacy, accordingly, you might reverse your statements. What you have now for your Mission, call your Vision and vise versa.

That’s a small tweak. The most important thing…do these statement inspire YOU?

A friend of mine, Simon Sinek, says that the WHY is what creates an amazing, extraordianary business because the passion you feel for the WHY attracts passionate team members and ‘raving fan’ customers.

Be inspired to make your business…and your life…extraordinary!

xoxo$, Ellen