Did you see that movie, A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crow? Remember that creepy scene…it’s of his backyard shed, which is crazy-covered with little bits of paper, spelling out his conspiracy theories?

Does your office look like that? Are there Post Its everywhere? I know this to be true: The more Post Its, the more disorganized you are. And a disorganized business is usually stressful and unprofitable.

Here’s a deceptively powerful tip. Instead of Post Its, start writing down what needs to be written down in a single subject, spiral notebook. Carry this with you all the time. I call this your Master To Do list. Here’s a picture of mine. Draw a check box next to each item to break them up on the page, and allow you to cross things off as you complete them. Once a week, refer to your Master To Do list as you map out your Calendar and plan your time. Once a day, cross things off and commit to what needs to be done the next day.

Out with the Post Its. Claim some order. It could be the difference between insanity and…well, did you see the end of the movie?

This is a simple idea. What if you chose to think and act differently? Little steps? Quantum leaps? Why not? I am inspired in my purpose to expand freedom…with action that moves you to your Perfect Life. It can be a simple thing. And it can be as BIG as you allow it to be! (A shout out to my inspiring friends at Everything is Energy!)

Love, love, love…and FREEDOM!