Online Workshop - Fix the Family BusinessFamily drama can drive you crazy.  The drama multiplies when you have a family business.  Yet, when it works, the family business offers…

Trust.  An understanding that “We are in this together.”

Legacy.  We are creating our own opportunities and fortunes.

Money.  As the family expands, so should the business.

Time.  Together.

LOVE.  Yep, love is the best part.  You can work, grow, play, discover, expand, get rich…as a family.

AND your family business can be BIG business. Check out this excellent infographic from about the importance of family business to the US economy!


The family business is worth working on.  Let’s get it right.  Let’s solve the problems that keep us from realizing our intended success.  Let’s work it out…this Wednesday, 9.11.2013 from 12 noon to 1 pm central time.  I’ll present “How To Fire Mom – Fizing the Family Business.” We’ll discuss…

  • When you say, we don’t have enough money, he hears _____ ___ ____ _______.
  • Flags!  How to celebrate and capitalize on what’s different about each of you.
  • What about the Money Money Money?  Making enough for geometric growth.
  • The Org Chart .  There is room for more than one “cheese” IF…
  • The Meat Eater!  Can you pay her to stay home?
  • “Make me!”  Putting teeth in the ultimatum.
  • The Law of the Farm.  ESSENTIAL for the next generation.
  • Who goes…you or him?  And, will you still get asked to Sunday dinner?
  • BONUS…tools and tips for creating a family-centric Business Plan!

And, I will stay on the line from 1 – 1:30 pm to handle your questions.  I’ll share from my own family business experiences as well as from the hundreds of families I have worked with.  As the Plumber’s wife, for a frustrating stretch, I quit or was fired on a daily basis.  We figured it out.  So can you.

Bottom line:  You business exists to help you achieve your life goals.  Make your business work for you and your family…or explore another option.  Before you bail out in a fit of anger or frustration, it’s worth it to try and fix it.  “See” you on the Webinar on Wednesday!