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How To Be Less UN-human…

Somewhere on the path to success, we forget to be human.  We justify a lot of bad behavior in the pursuit of business goals.  We need more customers and followers and sales and production and money.  So, we raise our voices, get tough with vendors, dress down team members and yell at our kids.   [...]

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Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Success

In this country, in these times, we have access to everything we need to be healthy, wealthy and wise. So...what’s getting in the way? Maybe you are. The stumbling blocks on the road to success are of your own creation. I’ve listed the most common ones below. Recognize any of them? Wishing and wanting. Do [...]

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My favorite Jim Rohn story…

Once upon a time, I saw Jim Rohn speak. There were 15 of us in a small room, thanks to my mentor Paul Swan for setting it up. Jim was a physically small fellow, but his presense was enormous. We sat, rapt, and he told the story below. I pulled it from his e-newsletter. Biz [...]

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Ode to the Working Dog

All dogs stink, chew, puke, poop, bite, whine, scratch, swallow objects which must be removed surgically and sleep in newly planted flower beds. The Working Dog also offers additional benefits. If your best customer calls, The Working Dog will alert the staff by barking incessantly within three feet of the phone. The Working Dog will [...]

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The Best Kept Secret

Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. ~Albert Einstein Have you heard about the bestseller, The Secret?  It’s a lovely book, full of inspiring stories illustrating universal truths. The Secret is The Law of Attraction.  What we think about comes about. Author Rhonda Byrne shares tips and suggestions for changing your thoughts and your [...]

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What if you couldn’t make an excuse?

Greetings!  You have all the time there is.  You have all the smarts you need.  You live in a world of opportunity.  Everything else you tell just an excuse.  Yesterday, I was visiting with Rochelle Togo-Figa.  She said her life really took off...when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She threw off her excuses [...]

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How about YOU as a Reality TV Star?

Greetings! Once upon a time there was Real World on MTV.  Then, CBS and ABC jumped on the bandwagon with Survivor and The Bachelor.  At the same time, FOX entered the Reality TV world with Bachelorette: Alaska.  Sheila Conlin was called on to help FOX navigate the Reality TV waters.  How do you cast these [...]

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Greetings!When I heard Simon speak, I thought, "That is my newest best friend forever!" He's the author of "Start with Why - how great leaders inspire everyone to take action." He asks, "Why are you in business?" and then shuts up so you can stew in the question. Why, indeed! Simon ROCKS. Lisa Carter and [...]