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The Biggest Marketing Platform is TV

Greetings! Consider this: Donald Trump was a reality TV star and now he is President of the United States of America. Whether you love or loathe him, that is a powerful endorsement for the impact of Television.  TV is how we came to know him.  TV is the world's biggest platform.  If you have [...]

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Think Twice – Speak Once

If you can't say something nice.... Well, you can say something nice. You can edit your thoughts before they take flight. You can also say nothing at all. Or you can think nothing at all. In other words, thinking and speaking are skills you can develop.  Your unbridled thoughts can be refined or changed or sent packing.  A [...]

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Back to School…for YOU!

Once a week, I have a meeting with me.  I review my UN-Business Plan.  I revisit my mission, goals and Top Projects.  Then, I make sure that my actions are aligned with my intentions, and I put together my calendar.  If it's important, I spend time on it. I'm doing a very limited [...]

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#Grateful for YOU this Holiday Season!

The shadows are long and the days short.  This is the time of year to reflect and be grateful. I'm grateful... That I have the most wonderful family.  That I am blessed with awesome friends and team members.  That I have been of service to a lot of people and am on track to connect to [...]

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A Whole New Way of Thinking?

The problem with thinking is that you are not doing anything.  In our world, doing is deemed better than thinking.  I think…we do too much thoughtlessly.  I think we should think more.  Then, we can do less and gain more. I decided to start 2014 with new and challenging conversations.  I invited the brightest folks [...]

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Business Makeover Tip #3: Ask For, Offer To Help!

Sometimes you need a hand.  Sometimes you can offer one.  Be willing to do both. My great friend, Nancy Michaels, posted a Rant on Saturday.  Thanks, Nancy, for this reminder:  Your best business will be a reflection of YOU, not anyone else.  Mentors, consultants, other businesspeople, can all play a powerful part in your business [...]

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3 New Years Resolutions You Should NEVER Make

Oh, the lists are lining up!  Tis the season for the “Best Of” and the “Worst Of” and the requisite “Resolutions for the New Year.”  The pressure is on to make this year better, bigger, more profitable than 2012.  Perhaps the way to more…is with less.  Less pressure.  Less stress.  Less disappointment and self-flagellation.  Let’s [...]

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