Setting Sight

The Setting Sight section of The Bare Bones Biz Plan is all about answering this question:

What do you want?

Answer the question…and change the course of your life.

Plan, or be planned for. If you don’t clarify what you want, others may put you to work making their dreams come true. Stop…and honor that which you want to be and do and have. The Setting Sight section of the Biz Plan takes you through exercises that will help you think about and document your intentions. This is how you get what you want, in business and in life. The Setting Sight exercises include…Your Perfect Life, Your Mission, Your Values, Your Goals, Your Target Market and a one-page Executive Summary of your business.

Setting Sight is the first and most important component of how to develop a business plan. Setting Sight is all about “seeing” your company as a finished product. What does it look like, sound like, feel like? The clearer your Vision, the easier it is to build a Plan to make it happen. The more compelling your Vision, the more motivated you’ll be to implement the Plan.