Here are some tips for making the phone RING!

If there are not enough sales opportunities it is because you have neglected to create them. Your focus has been elsewhere. We are powerful beings. Watch your words. Words impact reality. Forbid the use of these words at your company:

  • Dead. (No one’s dying. You just need a few more calls.)
  • Estimate. (Estimate means, “No one is buying. Just give them a price for work that someone else will do.” Instead, use the word Service Call or Sales Opportunity.
  • Never and always. Get the data and skip the generalizations.
  • Economy. What difference can you make by discussing the economy? Do your part to help our economy and grow your own business.

Discipline your thoughts. Prioritize and take action on your To Dos and projects. If you turn your focus on the tornado…on the “trouble”…it will gravitate towards you. It must. That’s how the universe works. If you focus your words, your thoughts and your energy on making the phone ring, the phone will ring, by mandate of basic universal law.

Focus on making FRIENDS. Friends are PEOPLE YOU HAVE FUN WITH.

Quit looking for the silver bullet and do something simple. My critics. Maybe the word basic is a problem? It’s reality. Simple things done are more effective than fancy things contemplated.

“Winners do not neglect to do the easy things that cause success. The definition of ‘easy’ is ‘something I can do.’” Jim Rohn