One of my biz gurus says, “Everything you want, you want because you believe that having it will make you feel better. What if you just prioritized feeling better now, every moment, every day?”
What if we if we basked in our victories every day, no matter how large or small? I just got back from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. I love movies and I love seeing movie stars! Even better, I love sharing moments of triumph (life!) as unknown filmakers unveil their creative works. The picture above is from Dry Land, one of this year’s most talked about films.

I went to the premier and fell in love with the young writer/director, Ryan Piers Williams. He is about our son’s age. His parents were in the audience. What an amazing moment for them all, as he introduced his film and shared behind the scenes details about making it. By James Cameron and Avatar standards, this movie is a just a wisp of a thing. But the life, the moment…ahhh, that’s the point. This movie is a result of a dream and inspired action. Ryan cried as he introduced his family and their applause was thunderous. Life…ah, that’s the stuff.
Our Step by Step program is about being successful. Successful every day, measured by your own yardstick.
Here’s to life and happiness now…

xo$, Ellen