Since the storm threatened, I’ve been texting my relatives who live on the Jersey Shore.  My sister, my niece, my nephew and a few other assorted family members are hunkered down.  They are braced for when Sandy and the Nor’ Easter and the high tide collide.  As “luck” would have it, my 82 year old mom is there too.  She arrived for a visit last week and got more excitement than she bargained for.  That’s her on the right in the picture, with my sister and her son.

Here’s what just struck me.  While this is a disaster, the humor and love and support are rising to meet it.  The text thread has been lol funny.  Apparently, storm preparedness involves Cheetoes, Margaritas and “Deadliest Catch” outerwear.

The humor lightens the seriousness of the situation.  Everyone is stepping up to help each other.  All hands are on deck, in the present moment.  I don’t intend to diminish the heartache, pain and sorrow that will be left in the wake of this storm.  Still, the worst of times bring out the best in people.

Today is a day to give thanks.  Today is a day to express love.  Today is a day to put off what can wait and be with those who need you.  Today is a day to let go of petty issues.  One of the best things that comes from the worst things:  We realize, perhaps accept, that we can’t control everything.  We are more willing to be…here…now.

When the wind lessens and the waves recede, we will get to the work of rebuilding.  May we bring with us the lessons learned during the storm. And may we retain, always, a sense of humor.